Why isn’t there a “Kickstarter for reforestation”?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question — or if you suddenly can’t think of a good answer — you’re in the right place.

We are building a platform to fund soil-based activities such as regenerative agriculture, silvopasture, and tree plantations on degraded land with the dual purpose of supporting livelihoods and capturing carbon in the most natural way possible.

Pre-Launch Registration

We’re not ready to launch but you can get in early by registering your interest right away. You’ll be able to raise money, back projects, and promote carbon negative activities.

Soil is Our Focus

Soil provides food, wildlife habitat, and human livelihood.

Used wisely, it is also our planet’s largest natural carbon sink. It both stores carbon directly as well as indirectly by enabling forest and vegetation growth.

So far so good.

Here’s the exciting part however. In 2014 an organisation was founded to uncover the most substantive solutions to stop climate change, and to communicate them to the world. This organisation — called Project Drawdown — has outlined an extensive table of solutions based on 76 key actions required to sequester enough carbon by century’s end.

Of these 76 key climate change reversal actions, action on soil sinks features in twenty-two items, second only to electricity (26), and outstripping all other actions including agriculture (15), buildings (14), and transportation (13).

More importantly, action on soil sinks accounts for almost half of the potential for carbon sequestration required by the end of the century — a whopping 443.19 Gigatonnes out of the estimated 997.17 total required.

The Time is Right (Now)

While many of us agonise over warming temperatures, habitat loss, and environmental injustice, millions of Pounds, Dollars, and Euros are being funnelled into “unhelpful” projects by consumers, entrepreneurs, and governments.

The time is right to change that. Collectively we can support hugely impactful carbon sequestration activities by funding the people who are poised to do it.

There’s no better time than now.